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Electronic system control - lucky leaf for driver

According to the US National Traffic Safety Commission, the Electronic Balance System – ESC helps reduce 35% of collisions. The risk of death of SUVs is equipped with 67% lower electronic balance system than the car does not have. Research by the country’s road safety insurance institute (IIHS), published in June 2006, shows that the US will not lose 10,000 people if all vehicles are equipped with electronic balance systems.

Nicole Nason, leader of US National Traffic Safety Commission, rated ESC as one of the most advanced safety systems. The European Car Safety Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) has a strong message advising people to buy cars equipped with a balance control system.



Signals from vertical acceleration sensors, horizontal acceleration of the body, wheel speed sensors … are collected to determine the actual motion state.

The computer compares this result with the steering wheel rotation angle, thereby giving brake control commands, or reducing the engine power, which is quickly brought to the driver’s desired state. The electronic balancing system incorporates the brake-ABS anti-lock system allowing independent ESC brakes on individual wheels. Any vehicle equipped with an electromagnet, the brakes are equipped with ABS, but a car with ABS is may not have ESC.

Electronic balance uses hydraulic control modules similar to those on ABS. But there is still a difference between the two systems, on ABS only, the hydraulic control module only has the function of controlling or reducing the brake fluid pressure acting on the brake cylinder. With ESC-equipped vehicles in addition to the two functions on the hydraulic module, it is possible to increase the oil pressure into the required area when required to create differential braking force between the wheels.

Because of that inseparable factor, many people confused the function and working principle of ESC and ABS. Anti-lock braking system works when the driver is braking, the wheels are at risk of hardening. The state control system works when there is a discrepancy between the steering angle and the body turning angle. That means that the ESC works completely automatically.



Imaging a beautiful day driving on a familiar road. Today, on the road there appeared a large group of oil. Feeling harmless, you can use the steering wheel as usual. The car suddenly turns, the wheels lose grip, centrifugal force causes the car to be thrown out, hundreds of thousands of bad things can happen forwards. A car going in the opposite direction, or the other side of the lane is the abyss …

But if your car is equipped with an electronic system control, everything will happen in a different direction. As soon as the vehicle body tends to be rotated or splashed due to centrifugal inertia due to reduced grip force. ESC automatically reduces engine power and brakes the proper wheels. As a result, the car still maintains stable movement.

Understanding the safety when driving is the most important issue, Isuzu is fully equipped for the mu-X 6 modern safety system including:

  • Aniti-Lock Braking system
  • Electronic Brakeforce Distribution
  • Brake Assist System
  • Traction control system
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Hill Start Assist



There are also passive safety systems such as:

  • Side Door Beams
  • Safety Belts
  • High Tensile Strength steel
  • Dual SRS Airbags

For every trips is safe journey!

3 January, 2019

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